Rock Community Bible Church
3106 Hwy 44E- McComb, MS

"Keeping it Real, Raw, and Revelant"

Our Services


(Coming Soon)

*Connect 101 (New Member's Orientation)

*What WE Believe

                                       * Non-Traditional Sunday School


(Intercessory Prayer @ 8:45am)

*Prayer and Worship

*Lord Supper/Communion (1st Sunday)

                          *Youth Sunday (2nd Sunday)

                          *Men's Sunday (3rd Sunday)

                          *Women's Sunday (4th Sunday)

PRAYER & MID- WEEK SERVICE Every Wednesday @ 6:00PM 

*Intercessory Prayer (6pm)

*Praise and Worship

                                         *Biblical Studies @ 6:30pm

My First Visit

  1. How do I get to the church? Rock Community Bible Church is located at 3106 Hwy44E in McComb, MS 
  2. How do I dress? Some folks wear their "Sunday Best" (suit, shoes, hat, gloves, tie, etc.) while others wear casual clothing and comfortable clothes on Sunday morning. Mid-Weeks you may wear casual clothing. We do not focus or worry about what you wear.  We are more concerned about your spiritual growth. 
  3. What do I bring?  If you have a Bible, bring it with you. If you have your Ipad, Android, Smartphone with a bible app, bring it along with you.  We are a church who teaches the Word of God.  These tools will help you to follow along in worship and in Bible study. If you don't have a Bible, don't worry. We have one for you or we will share!